Catch salmon, trout or greyling near Billund

Flyfishing in Grindsted Stream can be rather nerve-wracking.

Grindsted Stream

Grindsted Stream meanders through the countryside and is characterized by being very clear water streams. There is a rich insect life, a paradise for fly fishers, but also for other anglers. The stream has a good population of brown trout, pike, and grayling - the latter although protected. There can also a chance of catching sea trout and salmon, which are able to roam freely from the North Sea to the west of Billund.

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Ansager Stream and Holme Stream

Ansager Stream and Holme Stream are characterized by their beautiful, unregulated courses through woods and meadows. The water quality is very high and the fishing waters are popular. You can fish for brown trout, grayling, salmon and sea trout with spin, worm and fly.

Old Varde Stream

A fishing trip at Old Varde Stream might be an experience of a lifetime. The course of Old Varde Stream was in 2010 changed, so it now follows its original course. And in the 2011 season no less than 143 salmon and sea trouts were caught in these waters. Old Varde Stream can, when the water level is high, remind you of a river with strong currents and deep lots. So the stream is challenging even for experienced fishers. 

You find Old Varde Stream about a half hour's drive from Billund - close to Kvie Sø (Kvie Lake). There are several good parking opportunities along the stream. Coming from Billund, it is recommended to park in the car park at the end of Kanalvej.

Omme Stream

Omme Stream is a tributary to Skjern River - a river that is very well known for its excellent salmon fishing. In Omme Stream you also have the opportunity to catch salmon, but may also encounter sea trout, grayling, brown trout and pike. The stream, with its meandering and clearwater course, is a true natural gem and therefore worth a visit.

Grene Stream

Grene Stream is the upper part of Grindsted Stream, which runs through a nature reserve that stretches along Gyttegård Plantation. The stream winds through woods, thickets and meadows with varied vegetation. On Grene Stream there is a chance to catch brown trout and pike in the incredibly beautiful environment that surrounds the stream.