Membership & Fishing permits

If you want to fish in any of the Grindsted Anglers Association fishing waters, you can choose whether you want to just buy a day permit or full membership for a full year of fishing.

Fishing for more than 4-5 days? Become a member

Below you can see the biggest differences between the day permits and a full membership, and read more about why you obviously need to buy a full membership :-)


With a season ticket / membership of the association gives you access to the following fishing waters and membership benefits.

Fishing waters for members

Membership benefits

  • Membership magazine of the Danish Anglers' Union (Danmarks Sportsfiskerforbund) 10 times annually
  • You have the opportunity to participate in the Association's many activities such as lectures, courses and fly tying events
  • You receive membership discounts through the Danish Anglers' Union
  • You support the restoration of the local nature
  • And much, much more...

Day permit

This permit is for you who would like to try fishing in the fishing waters of Grindsted Anglers' Association for one day at a time. You can not access the lakes and you do not receive any of the membership benefits.

Fishing waters for day permit anglers