Grindsted Engsø

Fishing in Grindsted Engsø, is only for members of Grindsted Anglers' Association.

How to get the Grindsted Engsø Permit

In order to fish in the Grindsted Engsø, you have to do three things:

  1. Become a member of the Grindsted Anglers' Association (DKK 1150 for senior membership)
  2. Take a small test about the fishing rules in Grindsted Engsø at our clubhouse
  3. Buy the Engsø Permit (DKK 50)

The reason for all this trouble, is that the local authorities have made some rules Grindsted Anglers' Association have to follow because the lake and fish is polluted with quicksilver.

Do you have any questions about the lake, or do you want to book a time for the test, please write to

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